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  • Solar light with HD camera

    SSL& SSN plus series

    Both lighting and HD monitoring

  • Integrated solar street light

    Classic series BG-SSL

    10 rainy days still lighting , designed for urban main road

Our products

We supply high quality solar street lights all over the world.

Integrated solar lights

FeLiPO4 battery, 2200 cycles, more than 10 years life. ALT technology for more efficient energy absorption and use. Larger lighting range,120 degree, designed for urban main roads . More than 10 rainy days discharging time.

Separated solar street light

More focused illumination angle Larger solar panels to suit different environments Multiple battery pack configurations Designed for country roads Further improvement on the basis of traditional split street lights, long battery life.

Solar CCTV camera light

Increase CCTV camera, with high-definition camera monitoring function, remote control Parameter blessing to maintain the original high brightness and battery life of the SSL series Both beautiful and support customization

Our services

In addition to solar street lamps, BIGGESTNE also provides customers with complete street lighting facilities. At the same time we provide 3 years warranty and after-sales support.

Solar LED lamp

All in one solar street lamp
Separated solar street lamp
solar street lamp with CCTV

One-stop solutions

Provide light poles, foundation cages and other street lighting equipment.
Provide project technical support

24-hour service

24-hour responsive service, you can contact us by phone, online chat or email.


3 years warranty.
Online customer service.
Technical consulting services after the expiration of the warranty period

I like them 24W and 36W because they make me earn more


At first I was a little resisted because the appearance was not fashionable, but after I used it, I became a fan . The SSL series has helped me get several projects.

Murat Ugu

Biggestne's street lights really give me peace of mind, the lights that were installed five years ago are still high brightness.

Rocky Finch

Our projects

Pay attention to BGSOLAR and choose high quality solar street light products

Kenya 60W

BG-SSL060 Kenya 60W all in one solar street light, Vill […]

Mexico 80W

BG-SSL080 Mexico 60W-80W all in one solar street light, […]

Gov inspection

BG-SSL060 Kenya Kenyan President inspects solar streetl […]

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product highlights

Sufficient brightness

Brand LED chip, 170LM/W, more than 100LM/W of whole lamp.

Incredible lighting endurance

10 rainy days still lighting, Never worry about power off.

Reliable quality guarantee

More than 25 years of solar panel life, more than five years of battery life, and three years of warranty

Our clients

Have a look at our clients we are growing their business and they are going up in the market by beating their competitors.