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Classic cases

Most popular of our works.

40W integrated solar street lights

40W solar street light Project for urban road,Shenzhen, China

200 sets of 40W integrated solar street lights from BIGGESTNE were installed in one day

solar powered security camera

80W solar powered security camera, patio, Vietnam

80W solar powered security camera, a project for the entrance of the Vietnamese courtyard

lighting project Presidential inspection site

120W lighting project, Presidential inspection, Kenya

Kenyan President inspects solar lighting project site, BIGGESTNE 120W integrated solar street light project.

40W solar lamp project in Philippines

40W solar lamp project, Township road, Philippines

40W solar lamp project, Township road Philippines   Photovoltaic solar street lamps use clean energy to integrate it into urban and rural environments. By means of LED technology for lighting and with photovoltaic solar modules for their power, they do not need to connect to the electricity grid, obtaining a great saving in the electricity […]

36W solar sensor light project

36W solar sensor light, square, path road, Malaysia

These solar sensor light are mounted on the road leading to the square, 36W LED power, 3600 lumens brightness

solar powered outdoor lights for Kenya project use

60W project: solar outdoor led lighting, Kenya

60W all in one solar powered outdoor lights project, Villa District Highway, Kenya

solar powered street lights project for Mexico border road

80W solar powered street lights, Mexican border road

This is a 8000lumens solar powered street lights project, on the US-Mexico border.

80W solar street light projct for Nigeria

80W street light project, Residential road, Nigeria

80W solar street light project Community roads Nigeria 350 pcs 80W solar street light project,  lighting up the interior of the community and the roads connecting the community .

Commercial solar street light project in Nigeria

100W solar commercial street light, Urban main road

This is a 100W solar commercial street light project for the main roads in Nigeria.

60W commercial solar lights project in Thailand

60W commercial solar lights project,town road,Thailand

This is a commercial solar lights project applied to urban roads. It uses 60W LED power and 6000 lumens.

60W solar parking lot lights project in Saint martin

60W solar parking lot lights, parking lot, Saint martin

The Biggestne 60W’s solar parking lot lights, installed in a parking lot in St. Martin.

30W solar powered lights for country road project

30W solar powered lights project, Jiangxi, China

30W solar powered lights, which have covered most of the rural areas in Jiangxi

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