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A company specialized in solar LED lights

Solar LED lights,commercial street light,Project street lights from china

Shenzhen Biggest new energy technology co., LTD. Is an enterprise specializing in the production and export of all kinds of solar LED lights, integrating research and development, production and sales.

In addition to the independent production and modification of commercial street light products, Biggestne also has long-term cooperation with many leading solar manufacturers in China.We can provide customers with almost all types of solar projct street light.Also according to customer requirements to provide a variety of models of special solar products.

At present, the company has established stable and long-term business relations with customers in east Asia, central Asia, southeast Asia, South Asia, Middle East, Western Europe, eastern Europe, North America, South America, Africa, Oceania and other countries and regions.Many of the solar lights we offer are popular in overseas markets.We are willing to cooperate sincerely with customers all over the world for mutual benefit and common progress.

Approaching Biggestne

Commercial street light supplier


Our new office since 2019

Our team is always full of sunshine


2 finished assembly lines

10,000 units per month


Biggestne's integrating sphere for testing  solar LED lights, commercial street light, project street light
Biggestne’s integrating sphere for testing solar LED lights, commercial street light, project street light

Good technical support is the guarantee of our high quality products.


Biggestne's packaging delivery line
Biggestne’s packaging delivery line for solar LED lights, commercial light, project light

Packaging is an important part, we strive to deliver each product to the customer.

Our honor


We are committed to 100% guarantee that our products have excellent quality, meet international standards and win market for our customers.

Biggestne always has a higher pursuit of product performance. Over the years, one of our customer bases may not like us in the design, but will never be dissatisfied with the performance and quality of the commercial street light product. Therefore, our customers always have a strong relationship with us and provide suggestions in the upgrading of products in order to create better solar LED lights. This is a win-win result.

Our serviecs

Biggestne can provide customers with a complete set of products and service support on road lighting projects, providing a one-stop solution.


3 years warranty. Online customer service. Technical consulting services after the expiration of the warranty period

24-hour service24-hour service

24-hour responsive service, you can contact us by phone, online chat or email.

One-stop solutionsOne-stop solutions

Provide light poles, foundation cages and other street lighting equipment. Provide project technical support

Solar LED lampSolar LED lamp

All in one solar street lamp Separated solar street lamp solar street lamp with CCTV

Solar street light designer and supplier--Biggestne solar

Focus on solar road lighting for 11 years, promote road lighting into the 4.0 era
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