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Solar street light with CCTV in Thailand Lighting Fair

On November 1, 2019, the five-day Thailand lighting fair came to an end. Biggestne’s products expacially the solar street light with CCTV camera received great attention at the show.

At this exhibition, Biggestne and NEX worked together to design the classic BG-SSL\BG-SSN series and the new solar street light with CCTV camera as the main products, which were installed in the most prominent position of the showcase in advance.

Before the exhibition

Before the show, in order to better display the actual lighting and monitoring results, we prepared a 4-high pole and completed the installation in advance. In the above picture, the staff is installing a 60W solar street light.
As it turns out, our installation highlights the advantages of the light, and the HD value is perfectly displayed. In the most conspicuous position, exhibitors can see the products we are working on in the first place. Many customers are interested in the BG-SSL series of solar street lights, while the SSL PLUS, Solar street light with CCTV camera has been well received by customers.

solar street light with CCTV camera
solar street light with CCTV camera

Many customers said that the Internet of Things will have a qualitative leap and development in the next three to five years, and CCTV camera is the most important part of this. Biggestne combines Solar and CCTV camera to make this product truly connectable anywhere in the world. Because of the energy supply of solar energy itself, CCTV does not need to rely on the support of the power system, and Biggestne’s camera can provide WIFI and 4G options. This frees our products from the existing cable products.

Some customers also said that Thailand’s economy has developed vigorously in recent years, and the infrastructure is also booming. The road is the middle of infrastructure construction. On the one hand, the state advocates the development of renewable energy. On the one hand, the economic benefits of solar street lamps themselves are once and for all. . Our products give them a quality reliance and will be considered for use in subsequent project construction.

At the end of the noon on November 1st, in the background of IOT, the solar street light with CCTV camera was consulted by at least a thousand people. This is also the most eye-catching product line of this exhibition. Expect product innovation to bring greater change and breakthrough in the market.

solar street light with CCTV camera
solar street light with CCTV camera
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