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15W integrated solar street light


  1. Phillips 3030 LED lamp beads, 160LM/W, whole lamp 1500LM
  2. Low temperature plus overheating double protection function, intelligent power mode
  3. The new lithium iron phosphate battery, high temperature resistance, 2200 cycle life
  4. Using imported PC lens, the light transmittance up to 93%
  5. Using high-efficiency solar panels, high-efficiency single crystal silicon, photoelectric conversion rate up to 22%
  6. Detachable back cover, flexible battery replacement
  7. Stylish appearance, and ultra-thin body, the thickness of the lamp body is only 23.5mm.


Solar street light which smart as solar landscape lighting for park or counrtyart

  • LED Power:  15W
  • Total luminous flux:  1500LM
  • Single LED chip lumen:  160LM/W
  • LED chip:  Philips 3030
  • Number of lamp beads:  42
  • Solar panel: monocrystalline silicon 18V 24W
  • Working temperature: 0°~+45°
  • Recommended installation height: 3-4 meters
  • Control method: light control + human body induction
  • Luminous angle: 60*150 degrees
  • Solar panel conversion efficiency: 20.8%
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