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Separated solar panel light 30W

  • Lithium iron phosphate battery, lifespan is up to five years, temperature range is -20℃ ~ 60℃.
  • Dual battery charge and discharge protection to ensure battery life and customer property.
  • Waterproof switch, one key operation, simple installation;
  • Provide electric energy by solar photoelectric conversion, which is environmentally friendly, pollution-free and noise-free.
  • Independent research and development of production control unit, good compatibility of components, low failure rate;
  • High cost-effective, one-time investment, long-term use.
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30W classic high lumen solar panel light for main road

  • LED power: 30W
  • Lumen: 3300LM,3300LM, each LED output at 160-170 Lumen per watt
  • Solar Panel: 70W High efficiency Poly-crystalline silicon (Conversion ≥19%)
  • Lithium Battery: 84.5 AH
  • Charging Time: 6~8 hours
  • Operation Time: >10 rainy days
  • Installation Height: 6~8m
  • Installation Distance: 30~35m
  • Ambient Temperature: -20~+60℃
  • Control Mode: 4 hours with full brightness, then 50% brightness till dawn
  • Certificate: IP65, CE, MSDS, ROHS
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