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Supporting facilities

Solar lamp post Accessories

BIGGESTNE provides the overall facilities for street lamps to meet the customer’s needs most conveniently.Such as solar lamp post, street light pole.

We provide complete ranges of solar lamp accessories as per the requirements of the clients and customers. Solar lamp posts are made in the exact height and weight provided by the clients to assure maximum comfort in installation. Our accessories are made with high-quality materials to assure high-end durability. 

BG Solar, the exclusive wing of Biggestne, is responsible for solar streetlight and related accessories. We provide all categories of solar lighting project requirement, including solar streetlights, solar lamp posts, solar street light pole, foundation, support, and more. We are here to help our clients to complete both indoor and outdoor solar light requirements at an affordable cost.

Technical Support

Biggestne provides ODM\OEM services to its customers, providing customers with personalized service in terms of product performance, providing technical guidance for customer product use and project planning and installation.

Product advantages

Bridgelux 45ML LED chip

Highbrightness LED chip,more then 50000 hour spenlife, 170 LM/W

Monocrystalline silicon

The main effect of monocrystalline silicon solar panels, conversion rate > 22%

FeLiO4P battery

High-efficiency lithium iron phosphate battery with more than 2,200 cycles

Waterproof switch

All metal waterproof switch, frosted lamp body, One-button operation, easy to install

Human sensor

High-sensitivity should be SENSOR, sensing distance is greater than 12 meters

Quality aluminum

Super-strong aluminum frame, light weight, high strength, corrosion resistance

Our serviecs

Biggestne can provide customers with a complete set of products and service support on road lighting projects, providing a one-stop solution.


3 years warranty. Online customer service. Technical consulting services after the expiration of the warranty period

24-hour service24-hour service

24-hour responsive service, you can contact us by phone, online chat or email.

One-stop solutionsOne-stop solutions

Provide light poles, foundation cages and other street lighting equipment. Provide project technical support

Solar LED lampSolar LED lamp

All in one solar street lamp Separated solar street lamp solar street lamp with CCTV

Solar street light designer and supplier--Biggestne solar

Focus on solar road lighting for 11 years, promote road lighting into the 4.0 era
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