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60W project: solar outdoor led lighting, Kenya

As an important business center in Africa, Kenya’s economy has developed rapidly in recent years.

On the one hand, Kenya continues to maintain economic radiation to neighboring countries and regions, and expands the economic panel; on the other hand, domestic infrastructure is also constantly improving. Road construction is the foundation of the foundation in infrastructure construction. In China, there is a famous sentence “want to get rich, first repair roads”, traffic is done well, investment and development will also be greatly improved. Thanks to this, Biggestne’s solar powered outdoor lights also provides a high level of service in a variety of projects.


In the picture, we see a road leading to a new villa complex in Kenya.

The road construction was completed in China, and the lighting used was Biggestne’s solar powered outdoor lights. The street lights model used was 60W and the brightness was 6000 lumens. In this very unique road design combined with our high-quality solar powered outdoor lights, it presents a very spectacular picture.


Biggestne has many similar projects in Kenya, and many projects have been encouraged and praised by the local government.

In the next plan, we will also expand new energy products. Green environmental protection has always been our theme, and solar street lights are a type that can be maximized at this stage. Solar energy can be derived from many different products to replace. Remove existing products that rely on traditional energy sources. For example, the recently launched solar home system, solar camera, and integrated multi-functional solar combination products.

Biggestne’s solar powered outdoor lights can be customized to provide different light levels and even different lighting patterns, so customers can match the local conditions to achieve maximum satisfaction. As the most important business center in Africa, Kenya will become more and more important in the next 50 years, and the economic level will be better and better. In this development stage, Biggestne will bring new energy to his development. The best boost.

Date 29 Oct, 2018


solar powered outdoor lights for Kenya project use

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