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80W street light project, Residential road, Nigeria

80W solar street light project Community roads

Solar streetlights are something which is a necessity in every community. We are providing 80W
streetlights to light up the interiors of your community and the roads which connect your
community. We are aiming at supplying these solar lights across all countries. We have a great deal
of experience and are sure to achieve customer satisfaction. Our streetlights are sure to conserve
power. If you are looking for eco-friendly methods to conserve power, be sure to contact us. You can
see our works on other projects to gain some insight on the same. Go eco-friendly with us.


350 pcs 80W solar street light project,  lighting up the interior of the community and the roads connecting the community .

Date 20 Sep, 2018


80W solar street light projct for Nigeria

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